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A DUI conviction can be stressful, especially when you consider a mark on your criminal record, showing up in court, and telling others about the incident. However, many people overlook the fact that DUIs can be tremendously expensive.

Pennsylvania takes driving under the influence seriously, as there were close to 5,000 fatalities due to alcohol-related car crashes in recent years. This could be why DUIs are so pricey. There are many factors that go into determining how much you will end up paying for a DUI conviction. What are they?


When the police arrest you, a towing company will likely come and take your car. It can be expensive to pay to recover your car from the towing company, and some companies have nightly fees. This can rack up the expenses.

Ignition interlock

Pennsylvania law requires some DUI offenders with a high BAC to install an ignition interlock system, which will monitor one’s blood alcohol content before starting the vehicle. These systems can be expensive, as there is a hefty cost at first installation, as well as a monthly fee. Individuals who have the ignition interlock for a year could be looking at over one thousand dollars in charges.

Car insurance premiums

Once you obtain a DUI, the cost of your car insurance will likely skyrocket. They will label you as a “high-risk” individual, which will raise the price that you pay. Depending on your insurance company, the high-risk status could for three years or more, which could increase the amount you pay by thousands.


Depending on the charge, you may have your driving privileges suspended or revoked. During this time, you will need to find alternate transportation to and from work, as well as anywhere else you need to go. Public transportation is not always convenient or available, and paying for a cab or ride-share can prove costly.